Crochet and Knitting patterns by Capitana Uncino

I learned crochet and knitting already as child, but it was only when i went to India for awhile, that I really discovered the magical world crochet! It was big fashion there and all my friends were doing crochet (and also met my husband in there, who charmed me with his first crochet project and i still have that very first crochet hook, he gave:). And yes, actually since then I have been simply hooked with crochet. It is just endless possibilities of making all kinds of unique and beautiful things; clothes, decorations, toys..just everything!
Later I found Etsy and set up shop there. First I was selling ready made items, but now mainly focusing on doing patterns and I´m really exited to write down all my designs and ideas, sharing them with everybody and hopefully helping a little bit to keep this beautiful tradition going on!!
I hope my shop fills you with joy and Inspiration!!:D

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